MLP Fair Tickets: On Sale Now!

My Little Pony Fair is the world's first large-scale MLP collectors convention. Each year, hundreds of My Little Pony collectors come from all across the globe to meet others who share their interest over the course of several fun-filled days. This annual gathering is the world's largest celebration of everything MLP and brings collectors, friends, and fanatics from all over the world together for a weekend of pony fun!

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The convention will be held July 15th & 16th, 2006 at the Holiday Inn Golden Gateway in beautiful San Francisco, California!

Special guests include BridgetsMum and Chief, owners of MLP Arena, and Summer Hayes (Sweet Tune), author of The My Little Pony G3 Collector's Resource.

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You can pay via Paypal to mlpfair @, or click the link below to visit our online store:

General Admission allows entry into the Fair and gives you access to all activities at the event. Purchase this kind of ticket if you will not be selling or trading any ponies.

Price: $20.00 USD

Ticket With Booth allows you entry into the fair and gives you access to all activities at the event. You will recieve a full-size booth to use at the event. Purchase this kind of ticket if you plan to display, sell, or trade ponies.

Price: $45.00 USD

Ticket With Extra Large (XL) Booth allows you entry into the fair and gives you access to all activities at the event. You will recieve an extra-large size booth to use at the event. Purchase this kind of ticket if you plan to display, sell, or trade a very large number of ponies.

Price: $65.00 USD

Child Pass allows children under the age of 12 entry into the Fair and gives you access to all activities at the event.

Price: $1.00

You may also purchase your tickets with a check or money order sent through the mail. Make payable to Jennifer Oakes, MLP Fair Ticket in the memo.

Concealed cash is accepted but sent at your own risk. We cannot be held responsible for cash lost in transit.

Please specify how many of each kind of ticket you are purchasing.

Send payment to:

My Little Pony Fair & Convention

PO Box 41961

Sacramento, CA

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Special Guest Announcement

Summer Hayes has written a comprehensive guide about My Little Pony collectibles issued during the G3 line (2003-2005). With over 550 color photographs and 121 pages, this book is perfect for new and experienced collectors alike. Checklists accompany each photograph to make organization a snap, and a handy index allows readers to quickly search for a pony by name. Written by a life-long pony collector, this book features valuable information to help you organize and update your wish list!
This is the only reference book dedicated to G3 My Little Pony collectibles. It includes both loose and mint in package photographs of ponies and playsets.

Visit her website at for more information and to place your order!

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Announcing special guests BridgetsMum and Chief of My Little Pony Arena

MLP Arena

Launched in 2003, My Little Pony Arena offered pony collectors around the world something new - many MLP resources bound together in one dynamic website. My Little Pony Arena was the first MLP community website geared completely towards adult collectors. MLP Arena is the home of Nirvana, a place for experienced collectors to discuss rare and variant ponies once their domestic collections have been rounded out.

The "Arena" as it has come to be known offered its users something new - photo albums, My Little Pony games, community forums, tools with which users could create their own My Little Pony graphic signatures, and more - all in one place!

Now grown to a community of nearly 3,500 members, My Little Pony Arena continues to be the first stop for many new collectors and a regular hangout for hundreds of pony lovers around the world.

HUGE raffle!

Here we go pony people! :D

My Little Pony Fair and Convention need to raise enough money to rent a venue for the event this summer. So this raffle will run until Valentine’s Day (February 14). My goal is to raise $700 for the fair.

-**~**- PRIZES -**~**-

Giant Plush Twinkle Twirl

(she does come with her backpack)

Bay Breeze


MOC Whizzer

MIB Brilliant Blossoms

MOC Windsong

Dutch Candy

Beautiful Custom by JLM
-pic coming soon-

Little Flitter
-pic coming soon-

20 other small prizes!! I will add them as I take their pics.

In the event that the raffle makes more than $1000, I will add Dutch Heart Pony, MIB G3 Candy Cane, and MOC Sugarberry (Strawberry Fair).

~~*~~ How to Buy Tickets ~~*~~

Tickets are $2 each or six tickets may be purchased for $10. Also if you buy $50 worth of tickets you are entitled to a free g3 pony (these are out of package, but not played with).

Send money via paypal to: Make the subject be MLP FAIR RAFFLE.

PM SpottedSlug for an address if you would like to pay via money order, check, or well concealed cash.

International people are welcome! I’m in the US. Please make sure you use either paypal or send US dollars. I do not live in a place that can change money or cash international checks or money orders. Sorry. Also, I cannot pay shipping for Twinkle Twirl outside the states. I have tried to think of a way around that. But if you win and choose Twinkle Twirl, you’ll have to pay shipping. I’m sure that seems unfair, but I just can’t pay that shipping out of my pocket. :/

**~**How Winners will be Chosen**~**

Everyone will be assigned a number for each ticket they purchase. Those numbers will then be entered into a randomizer and the top 29 will all receive prizes. It will be possible to win more than one prize, if you buy more than one ticket.

Then I will contact everyone and ask them to send me the prize list ordered from most wanted to least. When I have everyone’s list, the first winner gets their first choice. The next person gets the first choice available and so on.

**---**Show your Support**---***

Feel free to put this in your sig!

Please feel free to PM SpottedSlug with questions or post them here.